Stunning Wider 125′ Superyacht By Wider Yachts

Wider 125′ is a luxurious superyacht that was sketched out by two talented designers named Fulvio de Simoni and Tilli Antonelli. It has much in common with its Wider 150′ and Wider 165′ siblings, and it was showcased in Miami Beach as a part of the Yacht & Brokerage Show. Spacious and welcoming, the vessel can accommodate its guests in four lavish staterooms that boast en-suite bathrooms. Crewmembers are housed within a trio of twin cabins, while the captain enjoys his own private quarters next to the wheelhouse.

The Wider 125′ that will be available in the US flaunts a gallery on its main deck, which is linked to a pantry. The European variant has its gallery on the lower deck, which means that the main deck has enough space for special children accommodations. The Winder 125′ features a 26-foot long beam and is able to provide outstanding cruising experiences for all on board. Its stern garage extends into a swimming platform that has a beach club and a plunge pool. Powered by a Diesel/electric powertrain, this incredible yacht is able to reach a top speed of 14 knots, which is commendable.



By : 3 Jun 2015
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