Spectacular Hebil 157 Houses in Turkey

The legendary Volcano Kos in Turkey was once close to this site, which is exactly what influenced the entire design and concept of the development called Hebil 157 Houses. It comprises 5 contemporary villas that mimic the crystalized lava of the powerful volcano. Their angular and very unique architecture is both stunning and inspiring.

They occupy five acres of land and they seem to effortlessly interact with the landscape, complementing the natural beauty of the site. Each villa has its own strategically planed position, which ensures unobstructed views of the nearby Hebil Bay. The development seems to embrace the local flora and the century-old olive trees in the shape of a beautiful central courtyard.

The exteriors of these modern villas were made with local volcanic agglomerate resulted from the excavations that preceded the actual erection of the buildings. Inside, volcanic basalt was extensively used, leaving no room for other types of rocks. This helped create a better connection between the interior and the exterior spaces, while the extensive use of glass further blurred the delimitations between the two.

By : 21 Apr 2013
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