Spectacular Audi R8 Limo for Wealthy Partygoers

Your regular-sized Audi is not spacious enough for you and your party friends? Then maybe what you need is this outrageously luxurious Audi limo by Carbonyte UK and Limo Broker. This is the world’s first stretched-out Audi R8, and we’re really anxious to find out what the automaker’s fans will have to say about it.

Powered by a 528-horsepower 5.2-liter V10 engine, the luxurious Audi will be able to transport up to eight people inside its insanely long body. Race-inspired seats will ensure a perfectly comfortable ride, and we’re sure that the number of luxe amenities that will come with this ride will be pretty impressive as well.

By : 29 Jan 2012
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