Shelby’s Golden Anniversary Means Special Edition Mustangs

For his company’s 50th anniversary, Shelby decided he wanted three special edition Mustangs. The exquisitely-crafted vehicles were unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. The tree packages were made for the GT500 Super Snake, the GTS and the GT350 models.

The gold stripes (suggesting “golden anniversary”) on the cars will be matched with a white/black paint job, and each vehicle will boast high-end custom interiors, unique VIN, special wheels, six-piston brakes and more. Shelby wanted to emphasize the importance of this anniversary by adding exclusivity to the recipe. As a result, only 100 units of each model will be made, half of which will be white, and the other half black.

The GT500 Super Snake and the GT350 will have a base price of $59,995, while the GTS will bear a slightly “lighter” price tag: $19,995. Make sure you also check out the photo gallery below.

By : 6 Feb 2012
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