Scion’s 600-Horsepower FR-S Race Car

Yesterday Scion unveiled the new FR-S race car that will compete in the 2012 Formula DRIFT series driven by Ken Gushi, the famous Japanese drifter. The car was developed in partnership with GReddy, the performance products company that has been working together with Toyota for over two decades.

The 600-horsepower coupe is the fifth model in the Scion family. There is already high demand for the car, so the Toyota sub-brand decided to launch the “First 86” program, which will bring the FR-S to 86 lucky buyers even before it will go on sale for the rest of the population. These lucky few will have the chance to “fight” for the car on starting Jan 12 at Noon EST. They will have 8 hours and 6 minutes to place their orders.

By : 20 Jan 2012
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