Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s Impressively Large Entourage

How many people does a Saudi prince need in order to have a perfectly satisfying entourage? Apparently 26! Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has recently announced the number of  people he needs with him when he travels, in order to refute media reports that accused him of having been with a Spanish woman on a rented yacht, sometime in 2008.

He explained that on that occasion he was on his own vessel together with his entourage, which is composed of a private physician, a private assistant, an executive assistant, an assistant manager of his palaces, a personal affair manager, two personal affair assistants, a manager of travel and external affairs, a protocol department manager, a telecommunications assistant manager, an assistant head of the Audio Visual Department, a personal hairdresser, the Princess’ private affairs assistant, her beautician, two more people listed as companions, and more..because we haven’t reached number 26 yet.

Prince Al-Waleed


By : 10 Oct 2011
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