Roy Stewart’s Most Expensive Surfboard

Roy Stewart surfboards are famous for their advanced hydrodynamics and they all offer amazing surfing experiences. This one here is no exception. Made with Paulowina wood layers over a mold, the board is twelve feet long and weighs 45 pounds. That’s longer and heavier than common surfboards, and this makes it move faster on the waves. The source of inspiration for this board were the Olo longboards of the pre-colonial era, which were only crafted for the royals of that time.

Now that we informed you about its qualities, we should also divulge its price. Heavier, longer and more hydrodynamic, this board is also much more expensive than your average surfboard. It’s actually 500 times more expensive than what you can find in regular stores. This translates to a staggering $528,000!

By : 29 Aug 2011
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