Rothschild Jewelry Sold for $2.85 Million

Hannah de Rothschild became the richest woman in Britain after her father passed away in 1874, leaving her with an incredible wealth (for that time) of £2 million in cash, plus a number of properties and priceless jewels. Four years later she married Archibald Philip Primrose, becoming Countess Rosebery. This is when Christie’s believes that Hannah de Rothschild received this stunning tiara and matching bracelet and brooch.
Decorated with diamonds and pearls, the exquisite jewels sold for a whopping £1,738,500 (approximately $2.85 million) at Christie’s Important Jewel Sale on Wednesday. The tiara alone cost £1,161,250 (over $1.9 million), while the other two pieces went for £577,250 ($947,267).

Rothschild Jewelry Sold for $2.85 Million (1)

Rothschild Jewelry Sold for $2.85 Million (2)

By : 11 Jun 2011
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