Rihanna’s Opulent 24-Carat Gold Manicure at the Grammys

Rihanna’s latest red carpet apparition was simply fabulous! Not only did she wear a superb Armani black gown that she co-designed, but she also found the perfect glam accessories to go with it – including a $5,000 nail polish!

The star went for a limited edition gold varnish created by Red Carpet Manicure, an at-home gel manicure company. Several bottles of the expensive nail polish will be auctioned off for charity purposes, and then a more affordable version of he varnish will be made available this spring: only $9,99.

Rihanna however didn’t stop at putting 24-carat gold on her nails. Reports say that she also customized her luxe manicure with tiny dollar signs for a plus of opulence. If you think that the cheaper version of the varnish will not satisfy your hunger for extravagance, you may want to consider entering what we expect to turn into a terrifying bidding war and get your own Amor 24 nail polish at auction.

Rihanna’s Opulent 24-Carat Gold Manicure at the Grammys (1)


By : 22 Feb 2012
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