Diamond-Studded iPad from Camael $1.2 Million (1) Giant Girth Skeleton to Be Sold for $450,000 Porsche Cayenne by Lumma Design (13) Gold and Diamond Shawl Donated to an Indian Saint 1 Kardashian and Humphries Extravagant Gift Registry (2) Luxury Animal Sculptures for Louis Vuitton Henry Wang’s Hybrid Concept Version of the Famed Mazda RX7 (6) Paper Computer by Roel Vertegaal (3) Who Bought the Oldest Champagne in the World The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 15 (3) Alfredo (Dino) Ferrari Table (10) The Amazing Crowd LifeBook by Philipp Schaake (2) Contemporary House in Italy by Damilano Studio Architects (10) Wright House in Africa by Elmo Swart Architects (11) Royal Salute Unveils the Tribute to Honor Rare Whisky Blend (4) The Massive Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept (7) Spelling's $150 Million Mansion VT 36 Speed Yacht by Hyun-Seok Kim (9) Mondomarine Manifiq Superyacht (8) New Record Bid for Warren Buffet’s Charity Lunch Rich People in America

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