World’s Most Expensive Reading Glasses from CliC Gold The Supernatural Super-Premium Frozen Ghost Vodka (4) Leander Luxury Superyacht (10) Ice Cube Trays from Porsche Design Zappos $50,000 T-shirt Hermès Kelly Lakis Handbag (3) Helios Rehab Sanctuary by Team CLS (14) Traditional Chinese drink in gold bottle Hot Air Balloon for Space Travel Hotchkiss Residence in Vancouver Washington (14) Volkswagen NILS EV Concept at Frankfurt (6) Nicole Scherzinger and Lamborghini Diablo (7) 1635 World Map by Willem Blaeu for Auction House Reforma by Central de Arquitectura (21) Champ d’Or (11) Petra Ecclestone Receives a $250,000 Post-Wedding Gift (2) One-Off Lotus Evora in Honor of Freddie Mercury (1) Enjoy a New Level of Opulence at the Ritz-Carlton Spa by ESPA (13) Modern Interpretation of the 1934 Peugeot 515 Bike (5) Ferrari 599-VX by Vorsteiner (7)

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