Docking Station for the World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone (1) Audi A3 etron Concept Unveiled in Shanghai (18) Armored SUV for the Ladies from Dartz (5) The Smell of Books Inspires Karl Lagerfeld (1) Moody Gardens Chevrolet 45th Anniversary Edition Unveiled (1) The Cavalon Gyrocopter from AutoGyro (6) The Most Expensive Bookshelf by Sebastian Errazuriz (1) The Giants Received Their Diamond Studded Rings from Tiffany 1 The Unorthodox Harley by Charlie Stockwell (4) Fiat May Sell Ferrari for €5 Billion Swarovski Riffle and Human Remains by Nicola Bolla (6) Io Uomo Luxury Footwear for Men by Patrick Zamparini (3) Beautifully Remodeled Bel Air Home by Archibald Quincy Jones (42) The Lima Lima Luxe Carbon Fiber Table (3) Mercedes Simplex 40hp, 1902 1905 Beaux Arts Police Headquarters Building in Soho, New York City (11) Glamorous Interior by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces (12) Rinat Akhmetov Kitchens from Logoscoop (13) Rolls Royce unveils the Ghost Extended Wheelbase in Shanghai (3) Samsung HD3 Console Concept by Dumary Joseph (10)

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