Olsen Twins and Damien Hirst Unveil the $55,000 Backpack

If you thought that the Olsen twins$39,000 backpack  was expensive, wait to see what their collaboration with artist Damien Hirst spawned! Still made of alligator skin, the new backpack design is not really that new – it’s actually the exact same model from last season, only with a few extra decorations by the famous artist.

Obviously, the artistic input of Damien Hirst has upped the price of the backpack, and now it costs a whopping $55,000! We can’t say we’re surprised; this is pretty much what always happens when fashion meets art: prices soar. Ashley and Mary Kate’s fashion brand The Row is supporting UNICEF with this latest line.

There are nine bags in the collection, some decorated with Hirst’s famous multicolored dots, others with golden dots, and others with medicine pills (not real ones, of course), evoking two of the artist’s most famous motifs. Would you support UNICEF by purchasing one of these wearable works of art?

By : 10 Dec 2012
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