Mr. Huang Yimin, the First Chinese to Own an Island

Billionaire Mr. Huang Yimin, known as an important investor in the petrochemical industry, is the first person in China to own a private island. He bought the Danshanmen Island, situated near the Zhejiang province, for £340,000 ($542,000). He has taken the lease of the island for a period of 50 years.

Mr. Yimin spent twice the amount paid for the lease to transform the island into a paradise for the nature lovers. But this was not his only purpose. Since hunting has become quite a popular hobby, 100 specimens of animals were brought for this purpose. To practice this sport the tourists have to pay $19 as entry fee, $16 as rifle hire and $1.60 per bullet fired from these rifles.Mr. Huang Yimin, the First Chinese to Own an Island

By : 18 Nov 2011
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