Mind-Blowing Small House by Consexto

We showed you before just how imaginative humans can be when they want to make the best of their small living spaces . However, none of the ideas that we have seen before compares to what Consexto architects did with this 474 square-foot home that they called The Closet House.

Built-in high-tech equipment and moving walls are just two of the brilliant solutions that the Portuguese company designed.

See this award winning home in the pictures below, and make sure you don’t miss the video. It’s absolutely mind-blowing! No wonder The Closet House was one of the winners of the ‘Building of the Year’ title by Arch Daily in 2010.

Small House by Consexto 11 Small House by Consexto 8 Small House by Consexto 4 Small House by Consexto 2 Small House by Consexto 1

By : 16 Feb 2011
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