Million Dollar Dandy’s Opulent Luxury Car

Extravagant, safe, luxurious, armored, environment-friendly; yes, I’m talking about the car of your dreams. Produced by London’s exclusive Million Dollar Dandy, this magnificent limo will cost $1,500,000, a fair price for a fair car.

Powered by a 400bhp, 6.8-litre V10 bio-fuel engine, this car is also quite powerful. With a Ford F550 pick-up truck based chassis, the limo is protected against bomb blasts and gunshots for 24 hours, has a fire extinguisher, oxygen breathing systems, night-vision cameras, external listening device, under vehicle magnetic attachment detector, GPS transmitter, dark-tinted glass, run-flat tires, an anti-theft device; all in all it is all you ever wanted a car to be and even more.

But hold your horses for what is up to come: upholstery by Andrew Muirhead, Wilton carpets, laptops for all four rear seats, twin rear TV screens, a cigar humidor, security safe, drinks cabinet and electrically operated window curtains. Not even the Batmobile has ever seen such extravagance and breath-taking gadgets.

Once you’ll lay eyes on it, you will not only want to buy this car, but also live in it.

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By : 8 Jun 2011
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