Methuselah’s Armour de Deutz Champagne Collection

True (and rich) connoisseurs of fine beverages will be very impressed with the new Methuselah’s Armour de Deutz range of champagne. The collection comprises three different vintage champagnes and was designed by William Deutz, the founder of the house himself. Each bottle in the limited collection is individually numbered and comes in its own special casing.

The oldest wine in the collection is the 1999 Cuvee Armour De Deutz, with a unique color and an energizing aroma. Its customized packaging is covered in white leather and flaunts pure gold threadwork.

Next is the 2000 L’Armour de Deutz, presented in a red casket and boasting gold trimmings. Dedicated to Ms. Mary Deutz – the daughter of the company’s founder and a passionate traveler – the bottle comes in a travel-trunk-shaped box.

The last wine in the collection is the 2002 L’Armour De Deutz, presented in a modern, elegant casket. The bottle is adorned with white and yellow gold, as a tribute to Mr. Deutz himself. Each bottle must be ordered directly from the winemaker, for a steep price of $4,752.Methuselah’s Armour de Deutz Champagne Collection (7)


By : 7 Jul 2011
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