Mercedes S Class Interior Transformation by Studio Vilner

Vilner is out again with a stunning new project: two Mercedes-Benz S-Classhave been transformed beyond recognition. The studio redid the interiors of these Mercedes S63 AMGs with high quality Nappa and Alcantara. Every plastic item has been covered in leather, and the seats have been given a new design. Always paying attention to details, Vilner also changed the rearview mirror and decked it in Alcantara and leather. Fine leather lines emphasize the elegance of the dashboard too.

The one-color interior flaunts mahogany elements with black piano varnish, while the two-color opponent’sblack piano dashboardreflects the salon’s exterior charm. Vilner also sais that “one more project with white piano varnish is developed” in the one-color interior range. Check out the photos below to get a picture of how awesome these rides are on the inside.

By : 10 Nov 2011
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