Maui Dream House by Olson Kunding Architects

With gorgeous surroundings, this home is truly amazing. It was created in 2009 by Olson Kunding Architects with walls made of rammed earth. For them, different types of local earth-based mixtures have been packed together to obtain the layered look that you can see throughout the house, both inside and out.

Thanks to these walls (which are fireproof and offer good sound insulation), the Slaughterhouse Beach House blends easily with the surroundings. The property is located on the Maui island in Hawaii, close to a well-known surfing spot. It features three huts: one comprising the living areas, one with the guest suites and another one as a main sleeping area.

Maui Dream House by Olson Kunding Architects (23)

By : 20 Apr 2011
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