Luxe Limited Edition Pens By Caran d’Ache And Lalique

These luxurious limited-edition writing instruments were created by Caran d’Ache and a French crystal maker named Lalique. The pens were put together using high quality materials such as blackened gold, rhodium-coated silver, ceramic and diamonds. They come in 3 different versions named White Crystal, Crystal And Diamonds and Black Crystal, each variant boasting a superb design that was inspired by René Lalique’s renowned Coutard Motif.


This amazing motif includes a series of round water droplets that remind of the decorative arts style named Art Nouveau, while their careful positioning is a tribute to Art Deco. The luxurious Crystal and Diamonds edition pens are accompanied by a beautiful inkbottle that was created using satin-brushed crystal.

The box that contains the inkbottle and the luxe pens was put together using solid sycamore wood and is adorned with crystal cabochons for a touch of extra opulence.



By : 3 Nov 2014
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