Limited Edition 1:8 Scale Ferrari Arno XI Motorboat

Ferrari collectors, this one is for you! A 1:8 scale 1953 Timossi-Ferrari Arno XI Motorboat can be yours for $5,640. The original boat won plenty of races and broke some records too, so this incredibly detailed model is not to remain unnoticed.

It sits on a wood and steel base and it is made of metal, wood, resin and methacrylate. The 79 cm-long boat (31.1 inches) has even got a leather seat and leather interior panels that have been carefully stitched to perfectly resemble the original ones. It weighs 30 kilos (66.1 pounds) and its dimensions are 113 cm x 63 cm x 48 cm (44.5” x 24.8” x 18.9”). Only 49 units will be made and each one will proudly wear its own exclusive plate with a serial number.

Limited Edition 1-8 Scale Ferrari Arno XI Motorboat

By : 4 May 2011
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