Leica M9-P Camera for Passionate Photographers

Whenever Leica unveils a new product, photographers around the world gather to see the marvel. This time it’s the M9-P, the world’s the smallest full-frame digital camera. It measures just 139 x 37 x 80 mm, but it’s perfect for professional use, with an 18-megapixel 24 x 36mm (35mm format) CCD sensor and a metal blade shutter with vertical movement that flaunts very low noise and is microprocessor-controlled.

The camera also features new, very compact lens (named Leica Super-Elmar-M 1:3.4/21 mm ASPH) with superior imaging qualities that ensure a stunning detail reproduction and perfect contrast. Another noteworthy feature of the M9-P is the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that covers the LCD screen, with its anti-reflective coatings for remarkably good visibility in all weather conditions.

Passionate photographers will have the chance to purchase this new Leica stunner starting next month, for $7,995. It will be available in two finishes: silver chrome finish or black paint. For this model Leica chose not to put their red logo on the front.

Leica M9-P Camera (1) 

By : 23 Jun 2011
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