Lamborghini Aventador J – A New Speed Beast

Interested in an even lighter and faster version of the Aventador that you proudly keep in your garage? Well, here it is: the Lamborghini Aventador J, an outstanding four-wheeled beast with a unique sport-bike effect. It is a two-seat vehicle that has shed everything that is not absolutely necessary in a car.

First of all, the Italian luxury automaker chose to use plenty of carbon fiber both inside and outside the car. The bumpers, the large air diffuser, and the front air scoop with winglets are all done in this expensive lightweight material. For the interior, Lamborghini created a very special fabric that they called “Carbonskin”, and which is said to be soft enough to be used for the seats and other interior trims.

Even after making all these changes, the automaker still felt that it was not enough, so the decision was taken to get rid of the car’s roof, navigation system, climate control, and even the windshield. The car manufacturer has replaced the latter with smaller motorcycle-like wind deflectors.

Under the hood, the engineers fitted the same 6.5-liter 12-cylinder that powers the standard Aventador, and which is capable of 700 horsepower. With all this muscle, the lightweight ride can now reach speeds of up to 186 mph – a real treat for adrenaline junkies!

By : 12 Mar 2012
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