Kiano 4 Keyboard Case for Your iPhone 4

Here is a brand new way of enjoying you iPhone. The Kiano 4 Keyboard Case is the latest gadget for the Apple iPhone 4. It is meant to improve you texting experience when you get bored of the phone’s touchscreen technology.

Extremely practical, these cases will not alter the slimness of your favorite mobile phone, because the keyboard itself is also very thin. The keyboard easily slides out of the snap-on case, flaunting its QWERTY setup, plus a number pad at the top. Thanks to its low-intensity LED lighting, the gadget is ideal for nighttime use as well.

Available in two colors (black and white), the smart case’s battery can last for approximately 30 hours of standby, and 5 hours of continuous key input. Buyers will also find a Micro USB charging cable in the box, plus a Y-shaped USB adapter, a pick to help you remove the case from the phone, a protective film, and a user’s guide.

By : 20 Feb 2012
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