Iporanga House by Isay Weinfeld

Isay Weinfeld designed the Iporanga house for a family of Arab ancestry. Located in Guaruja, Sao Paolo, the two-story modern residence is a true peace oasis surrounded by indigenous plants like coconut trees, bromeliads and others.

The house has the shape of two boxlike volumes with no walls, being enclosed only by green fences to separate it from the neighbors or the beach.  In the ground floor ‘box’ are the living and dining rooms, all in one open space connected to the veranda and swimming pool.  In the upper ‘box’ the 5 bedrooms are enclosed by a beautiful traditional ‘mashrabiya’, a projecting oriel window made of aluminum and painted in white. A lowered sitting room near the swimming pool can be covered with a canvas, becoming a peaceful and relaxing corner.

By : 15 Sep 2011
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