Honda NSX ‘Reloaded’

As we all know, the NSX model had a real stormy and bumpy history from the beginning.  Although the Acura NSX seemed a dream car with its supercar looks and lightweight aluminum chassis, it did not have it all for a long happy life. After an existence without many adjustments, it met its end in 2005.

But in 2008 our hopes were revived after a long sleep, when the next-generation NSX was announced. With its V10 engine and a far more contemporary shape the dream seemed so close, yet so far away. The project was crushed in the egg when the market for new premium sports coupes collapsed.

Now we only have promises and pledges from Honda President and CEO Takanobu Ito that a new NSX focused on power-to-weight performance and efficiency will see the light of day. We want facts not just words!

By : 18 Sep 2011
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