High Quality Pioneer SE-Master1 Headphones

Those of you who can appreciate the fine quality of a premium pair of headphones will definitely be interested in finding out about the Pioneer SE-Master1 headphones. They were created using high quality materials and include top-notch audio components that boast Parker Ceramic finishes. Each pair is actually made entirely by hand by Pioneer’s experts, and that goes a long way towards ensuring their exclusivity.

The sets feature aluminum, leather and duralumin elements that ensure their reliability, and they each come with their own individual numbering. The cable measures 9.3 feet and flaunts a gold plated plug. As far as pricing is concerned, we doubt that casual audiophiles will be able to afford Pioneer’s high-end offering, as it comes with a spicy tag of $2,600.

High Quality Pioneer SE-Master1 Headphones (1)

High Quality Pioneer SE-Master1 Headphones (2)

By : 1 Sep 2015
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