High-End Board Game Tables By Geek Chic

Even though the modern concept of gaming is linked directly with computer games in our present days, many still enjoy a good-old-fashioned board game from time to time, and some even take their board games quite seriously. And since you can’t really savor a board game without a proper table, a company called Geek Chic decided to create a series of luxurious, high-end gaming tables that can definitely increase the entertainment value of any indoor adventure.

Highly practical, the tables feature a special compartment called a “Game Vault”, which houses all of those precious maps and games while keeping them safe from accidents. Other highlights can include an internal rail system, secret drawers, flip down lap desks, cup holders, dice towers and rounded corners for extra safety.

Flaunting price tags that range between $2,500 and $16,000, these amazing board game tables by Geek Chic are made out of Hard Rock Sugar Maple, Black Walnut or North American Cherry.





By : 4 Sep 2014
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