Gorgeous BMW Motorrad Concept 101

It’s definitely not a simple task to transform a touring motorcycle into a perfect-looking two-wheeler, but BMW’s experts managed to pull it off with the Motorrad Concept 101. The bike was unveiled at Lake Como during the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa event, where it received plenty of positive feedback from BMW fans and connoisseurs.

The Concept 101’s aesthetics are impressive to say the least, all thanks to a plethora of carbon fiber elements that adorn its streamlined body. The front trim features brushed aluminum details and is seamlessly included into the styling. Other noteworthy elements comprise black leather seats, LED taillights, a pair of side cases with wooden trims, and tailpipes with three outlets on both sides. When it comes to power, this beastly ride flaunts an in-line 1,649cc, 6-cylinder engine that dishes out an impressive amount of torque.




By : 28 Jul 2015
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