Fuel-Cell Luxury Sedan by Opel

Did you like the Flextreme GT/E concept that Opel unveiled last year in Geneva? Well, we’ve got some pretty exciting news for you. The German automaker plans to build on the success of the eco-friendly Ampera and create a luxury fuel cell sedan that will probably be based on the alluring Flextreme GT/E.

Klaus Franz, the deputy chairman at Opel, sais that the luxury sedan should be on the market by 2016 and that the auto manufacturer intends to build 20,000 units: a bold but realistic plan according to Franz. He referred to the car as a “technological spearhead” that will use fuel-cell technology and the latest electric batteries among other eco technological advances. Ready to become more eco-conscious?Fuel-Cell Luxury Sedan by Opel (1)


Fuel-Cell Luxury Sedan by Opel (2)



By : 3 Aug 2011
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