Ford Unveils Fiesta ST Concept’s Production Version

Ford has unveiled the beautiful production version of its Fiesta ST Concept. The concept was first introduced to the world last year at the Loa Angeles Auto Show, and now the company promises to show its production Fiesta ST at the Geneva Auto Show (March 8-18).

The pictures below show little difference compared to the concept car. The main alteration in the production version is the two-door configuration of the vehicle. This however does not make the Fiesta less alluring, on the contrary, we really love what we see!

The only problem is that the automaker doesn’t intend to bring the car to the States just yet. Ford declared to be “open to the idea”, but it won’t say more about its plans for the other markets. It only announced that the Fiesta ST will enter the European market in 2013.

By : 9 Mar 2012
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