FlyNano Mini Aircraft Doesn’t Require Flying License

Aircraft designer, aviation consultant and pilot Aki Suokas unveiled a new “toy” for water and flight enthusiasts: the FlyNano, a single-seat aircraft that can be piloted without a flying license. Because it weighs only 70 kilograms (approx. 154 lbs), the craft is lighter than what is considered to be a plane, which means that in most countries you don’t a license to fly it.

This impressive weight is due to the fact that FlyNano is entirely made of carbon fiber. Its wingspan is of almost 5 meters (16.4 feet) and it can reach speeds of 70-140 km/h (43.5 – 87 mph). The mini craft lands on and takes off from water with a maximum onboard weight of 200kg (441 lbs).

There are three versions available for the FlyNano: a petrol-powered Series G 240, an electrically-powered series E 200 and a racing model Series R 260/300. The most expensive version is priced at €27,000 ($39,000) and deliveries will start three months from now.

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