Ferrari Enzo’s Hybrid Successor to Boast 920 HP!

First we’ll be impressed by the successor of the Ferrari 599 GTB at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, and then our minds will  be blown away by the even more amazing Enzo successor! The supercar is expected to pack a staggering 920 horsepower (the 599 successor will flaunt 100 hp less than that), and come in a hybrid configuration.

Called the Ferrari F70, the car will be powered by a 7.3-liter V12 engine (an upgraded version of what we will see in Geneva next month) capable of a maximum of 800 horsepower. The rest of the muscle will come from a KERS hybrid setup.

The carbon fiber body of the beast is expected to be some 500 pounds lighter than that of the 651-hp Enzo, and about as light as that of the track-only FXX. In all, the car will weigh only 2,500 pounds. We can only imagine how fast and agile this baby will be! If everything goes well, we’ll find the exact numbers in the fall.

Ferrari Enzo’s Hybrid Successor to Boast 920 HP!

By : 5 Mar 2012
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