Extravagant And Delicious Cupcake By Lisa Sanguedolce

It’s very important to keep the flame alive in any long-term relationship, which is why men sometimes feel the need to perform grand gestures of romance. However, a man in Toronto proved that you don’t need to buy your wife a boat or a car to win her heart all over again, especially if she’s known to have a sweet tooth.

If you’re familiar with Lisa Sanguedolce and her amazing pastry shop called Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cake, then you already know what to expect. Lisa was hired by a man in Toronto and was asked to create an exquisite cupcake especially for his wife’s birthday. The result is a feast for the senses that was put together using French rare butter, sea salts, Kona Blue Mountain coffee, delicious chocolate, 24-karat gold flakes and Courvoisier cognac. The cupcake required the expertise of a cake designer and 2 pastry chefs, while its actual creation required 2 full days of hard work. This divine treat boasts a special cream filling that was made out of Rosewood Estate honey, Tahitian vanilla beans essence 21-year-old Courvoisier.

Since presentation is very important, the cupcake was placed on an edible chocolate cup that was adorned with gold flakes and encircled with a sugar diamonds ring. For a final touch of sophistication and lavishness, the treat was decorated with branch that was painted with edible 24-karat gold. Yum!



By : 25 Aug 2014
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