Dornbracht’s Horizontal Shower Is Quite Impressive

It may seem weird at first but enjoying a shower in a horizontal position is actually a refreshing and very relaxing experience. The Horizontal Shower was created by a German company called Dornbracht, and it was showcased at a trade show in Basel, Switzerland, where it received a lot of positive feedback. The product includes a total of 6 showerheads that are controlled via an Ambiance Tuning Technique system.

This system allows the user to adjust the water pressure and temperature of each individual showerhead in order to ensure a unique and enjoyable experience. Because of the horizontal position, the sensation is somewhat similar to that of a bath, but since the user isn’t actually soaking in a pool of bacteria, the entire affair is much more hygienic and therapeutic.

No word on the price just yet, but it’s safe to assume that this thing won’t come cheap.





By : 4 Nov 2014
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