Commuter Friendly G12H Electric Bike

Even though it is incredibly complicated to build electric cars right now, electric bicycles are not that far off from embracing the electric trend altogether. A company that’s making great progress on this front is RIMAC, whose experts have announced their third official model named G12H. This commuter friendly e-bike is based on the G12S model, and so it includes many of the same features.

Commuter Friendly G12H Electric Bike 1

However, it offers an improved range of 155 miles per charge, as well as Supernova lights and a top speed of 12 miles per hour. This meets EU requirements regarding non-motorcycle road regulation, and since we’re talking about a commuter bike, it also comes with a biometric scanner that ensures fingerprint activation as well as different riding modes for different users.

By : 14 Oct 2016
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