Clients Return Hermes Birkings Because Of Marijuana Smell

Now this is an interesting if not somewhat comic turn of events. It looks like many Hermes customers are returning their very expensive Birkins because they emit an unpleasant odor that resembles, wait for it, Marijuana. We imagine that this is particularly frustrating because Hermes Birkins are known to be notoriously expensive, some of them boasting price tags of no less than $20,000. The company’s representatives stated that the problem might be with a panel of badly tanned leather that smells when it comes in contact with direct sunlight or when the bag is in a particularly hot environment.

The problematic bags were purchased between 2013 and 2014 and include Elan, Birkin and Kellys clutches. Fortunately, Hermes agreed to take in the bags and remove the faulty panels before rebuilding them. The next logical move would be to offer replacements to the unsatisfied customers, which would hopefully calm their spirits.

[Via – Pagesix]

By : 1 Nov 2014
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