Chrysler’s Beautiful 300C China Edition Heads to Beijing

We are all expecting this year’s Beijing International Automotive Exhibition to feature at least a couple of dragons, since 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon. One of the automakers that decided to pay tribute to this special year is the Chrysler Group, which has recently released some photos of their new Chrysler 300C China Edition.

The exterior doesn’t give out much of the purpose of this special edition model, but on the inside there are some discreet details that any lover of the rich Chinese culture will love: the fine leather seats are embossed on the seatbacks with delicate Asian wind designs that suggest the presence of a flying dragon nearby.

What stands out on the outside of the car are the sturdy alloy wheels, the new front bumper, the mesh grille and, of course, the mysterious blackness of the entire vehicle. We’ll certainly see more of this baby when the Beijing exhibition starts later this month.

Chrysler’s Beautiful 300C China Edition Heads to Beijing

By : 18 Apr 2012
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