Chop-E Electric Bike Is Seeking Funding On Kickstarter

The classic chopper is one of the coolest and most extravagant motorcycles, and it is usually equipped with a roaring and thirsty engine that delivers a more than respectable power output. However, an electric chopper is not something that we get to see every day, and this makes Chop-E particularly interesting.

This chopper-inspired electric bike was made in Estonia and is powered by a 1-kW motor that gets its juice from a 20-Ah 48-volt battery pack made out of 16 LiFePo4 cells. At the front, the bike features a 20-inch wheel wrapped in a somewhat slim tire, while the rear flaunts an 18-inch alloy rim enveloped in a beefy Pirelli Diablo motorcycle tire.
Chop-E measures 6,6 feet in length and tips the scales at 140 lbs. It can reach a top speed of 20mph and can traverse 35 miles on a single charge. In order to get your hands on one, you’ll have to put up $4,499 on Kickstarter and then pray for the project’s success.


By : 26 Feb 2015
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