China’s First Aircraft Carrier Luxury Hotel

A former Soviet aircraft carrier named “Kiev” was recently transformed in a Chinese floating luxury hotel and a new attraction point for the rich. China’s first floating hotel on a decommissioned military carrier will open soon and its owners believe its success will be great. Since the country hasn’t had aircraft carriers before, such huge vessels are truly fascinating for people in China.

The Asian country has recently launched its first such vessel on sea for trials, but not many people will have the opportunity to visit or even see it. Consequently, this new hotel is the closest many will ever get to a real-life aircraft carrier. The owners of the ship invested an impressive 100m yuan ($15.64 million) in the project, according to the South China Morning Post.

The renovation process was very costly, but judging by the final result, we’d say that the project was worth every penny. Measuring 273 meters (895 feet) in length and 53 meters (173 feet) in width, the Kiev Aircraft Carrier boasts a total of 6,000 square meters (64,583 sq.ft.). The pictures below will give you an idea of how gorgeous the hotel looks now.

By : 23 Aug 2011
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