Canuk Titanium Boots By Columbia Sportswear

Boasting a unique, aggressive-looking design, the Canuk Titanium Boots by Columbia Sportswear incorporate two of Columbia’s most acclaimed technologies, as well as a brand new outsole created with the help of Michelin Tires. The technologies that we mentioned before include a proprietary Omni-Heat reflective layering on the interior, which bounces heat back towards the wearer’s foot.

Canuk Titanium Boots By Columbia Sportswear 1

Then there’s the OutDry Extreme Waterproof construction, which allows the wearer to enjoy the benefits of waterproofness and breathability at the same time. The Michelin-made outsole boasts something named Ice Control, a tech that guarantees impressive traction on slippery surfaces. For just $200, these are undoubtedly some of the best winter boot that we’ve seen in a long time.

Canuk Titanium Boots By Columbia Sportswear 2

By : 4 Jan 2017
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