Canett Furniture’s Jeep Desk Is Awesome

No off-road car looks as good as the classic Jeep, which is why Canett Furniture has decided to use a reclaimed Jeep Hood in order to create this outstanding desk. Fully functional, this desk was put together for off-roading fans and Jeep fans, and it weighs in at about 130 pounds. Each desk is made to order and flaunts a worn out primary pattern, which gives it a unique vintage look.

Canett Furniture's Jeep Desk Is Awesome 1

Highlights include a pair of sliding drawers on both sides, as well as fully functional headlights. The desk measures a bit under five feet in length and three feet in width, while its high is about two-and-a-half feet. Priced at $2,205, this is definitely one of the most outstanding desks that we’ve seen in a long time.

Canett Furniture's Jeep Desk Is Awesome 2 Canett Furniture's Jeep Desk Is Awesome 3

By : 18 Aug 2016
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