C3 X132 Hellcat – “The Toughest Motorcycle Ever Made”

C3 X132 Hellcat is the latest motorcyle from Confederate. The new Hellcat is claimed to be, by the guys at Confederate, the toughest motorcyle in the world. The bike is made out of a unitized powertrain casing, carved out of a block of 400 pounds of 6061 aircraft grade aluminium. The  motorcycle weighs 40 pounds. Hellcat has a 132 cubic inch Square-Twin and 145 lb-ft torque with “sufficient” horsepower. You may be one of the lucky firsts to purchase one of the 150 Hellcats, as reservations are available. Hurry though, only 128 are available at the moment.

C3 X132 Hellcat The Toughest Motorcycle Ever MadeC3 X132 Hellcat The Toughest Motorcycle Ever Made

By : 2 Dec 2010
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