Bentley Unveils Sketches of the Luxurious Muslanne Convertible

Based on the elegant and luxurious Muslanne saloon, Bentley created a new and very irresistible concept car: the Muslanne Convertible Concept. The Muslanne family is already enjoying considerable success, but this new addition to the line will definitely bring even more interested customers to the brand’s dealers.

The new concept convertible boasts a sporty yet elegant design that suggests power and performance blended with sheer luxury and sophisticated elegance. In fact, the makers of this exquisite car even described it as the world’s most elegant convertible. The company’s Chairman and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer also declared that “The Convertible Concept will extend the appeal of the Muslanne family, while enhancing the profile of the Bentley brand, particularly in new and emerging markets”.

By : 22 Nov 2012
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