Bejeweled Eluxio Miniature Flashlights

Loving luxury accessories? How about a bejeweled miniature flashlight to wear as a key accessory, necklace pendant, or just a tiny yet very practical flashlight. These functional jewels are crafted from luxe materials, such as ebony, sterling silver, or 14-kcarat gold. They feature Nichia LEDs and microcontrollers, and they are very easy to use.

Priced at around $8,000, the Eluxio flashlights are meant to help you find your way in the dark, and stand out from the crowd in the light. They can be decorated with rhodinated or gold plated screws, white and black diamonds, coral, and Akoya pearls. For those who plan on using the flashlight as a pendant, a 60-centimeter (23.6-inch) chain in 14-carat gold is also offered.

By : 13 Nov 2012
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