Balancal House, Funchal

Situated in Funchal, the capital of Portugal’s Autonomous Region of Madeira, this three story modern house was completed in 2010.

The residence is situated on a striking hill and it was designed to integrate into the landscape. MSB Architects managed to create a connection between this house and the surrounding buildings, favoring at the same time the privacy, the view of the Funchal bay and maximum sun exposure. Beautiful gardens surround the building establishing harmony between the house and the landscape.

Balancal House is in fact built on two platforms, which divide the plan into two areas: private and social. The house extends itself to meet the outside, revealing the social area and creating several small functional spaces that can be enjoyed from the outside of the house.Balancal House, Funchal (12)Balancal House, Funchal (7)

By : 25 Oct 2011
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