Awesome Swarovski Dr Dre Mixr Headphones by Crystal Rocked

Crystal Rocked has something new and very exciting to offer: the Swarovski Dr Dre Mixr Headphones. Covered with 2,750 crystals, the headphones are available in different colors, or in Jet Hematite. For those of you who already own a pair of headphones by Dr Dre, here is a great reason that will make you consider expanding your collection: these babies were made in collaboration with famous DJ David Guetta.

When a high-end product is associated with two important names in the music industry, it is very difficult for a true music aficionado not to buy it. Add to this the amazing sound quality that comes out of the Swarovski-studded swiveling ear-cups, and you’ll get a completely irresistible temptation. We love Crystal Rocked for that!Awesome Swarovski Dr Dre Mixr Headphones by Crystal Rocked



By : 19 Jan 2012
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