Awesome Jetpack Prototype by Martin Aircraft Company

While the military will be the first to receive their very own Jetpack from Martin Aircraft Company in New Zealand, the rest of the world is also there on the list with a different delivery date written next to it. So no need to get jealous, guys, this baby could make it into your private garages (or hangars) one day.

It all depends on Glenn Martin and his team if the futuristic aircraft will actually reach mass production. The concept was compelling enough to convince the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority to issue a test license for the prototype, so everything is currently on the right track.

If testing goes well and everybody is satisfied with the results, a military version of the cool and terribly exciting Martin Jetpack will be released by the end of next year. A civilian model will then follow sometime in 2015, with the hefty price of $20,000. Of course, that is not something to discourage the rich and adventurous! So go Martin!





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