American Chopper Cadillac CTS-V Motorcycles

Drawing inspiration from the four-wheeled Cadillac CTS-V, Paul Teutel and his son Paul Jr. each created a limited edition low-riding custom motorcycle. The American Chopper stars reinterpreted the supercar concept and gave it a two-wheel format. Even though there are some similarities between the two models (like the black body and the chrome accents), the bikes are quite different in terms of design.

Paul Jr. decided to keep a strong visual resemblance between the chopper and the car, while his father invested more time and energy in choosing the perfect engine (a V-twin type). The one flaunting a higher popularity among fans at the moment is Paul Jr.’s model, but things can change a lot before the two limited edition American Chopper Cadillac CTS-V motorcycles will be auctioned off for charity. The sale is meant to raise money to cure Duchenne disease.American Chopper Cadillac CTS-V Motorcycles (1)


By : 6 Jul 2011
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