Amazing Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept

Mercedes-Benz never disappoints when it comes to car concepts, which is why we were not at all surprised by the magnificence of the new Vision Tokyo Concept. This futuristic-looking vehicle features one of the most impressive designs that we’ve seen in a long time, and better yet, it is packed with cutting-edge technology.

Amazing Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept (5)

Some of its most impressive features include an Intelligent Predictive Engine system and Deep Machine Learning technology, both of which allow the car to “learn” its drivers’ habits and preferences. This means that the four-wheeler becomes familiar with its occupants as time goes by. As far as power goes, Mercedes outfitted the concept with an electric engine and a hydrogen fuel cell that ensures a range of over 600 miles.

The body of the car is simply superb, but even more eye-catching are the stunning blue details that adorn its front bumper, rear bumper, wheels and side skirts. These blue touches contrast nicely with the bright red light that surrounds the rear window. Presumably, this red element also functions as a brake light.

Amazing Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept (3)

Amazing Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept (4)

By : 4 Nov 2015
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